Time Flies: How to Catch It So You Can Make More Sales

Sometimes that ticking clock can just be a paralyzing reminder of how little time there really is in a day.

How often do you get home from a long day, and think “Yep…I’m still killin’ it at time management!”? Pretty rarely, right? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! We all lose our footing, get distracted, and waste more time than we realize. But it’s different for salespeople than it is for most, because the close is the focus, not everything before or in between. Sometimes that ticking clock can just be a paralyzing reminder of how little time there really is in a day. But don’t fret–we like to think that all it takes to reclaim your day is a little reworking, and a lot of honesty!

So, let’s break it down: where is your day going? Do you get caught up, and find everything but sales monopolizing each hour? Do you spend too much time on administrative tasks others could do, or that could be streamlined? Are you sometimes winging it, without a real plan? Whatever it is you’re losing sunlight to, there are solutions. Don’t be afraid to take a good hard look at what you’re giving your attention and effort to. Start making a list. Don’t procrastinate. (You haven’t got time for that!) Get real with yourself, and get to it!

Now, with list in hand, and a better idea of where you’re going wrong, let’s look at some of the ways you can make those precious minutes make cents again (see what I did there?), and start implementing some changes to make more sales. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Sales-Project-SprintCalculate. You will almost definitely find it useful to figure out what each minute you spend actually selling is worth. If you know the numbers, perhaps it’ll put that hour you spend watching online baking fails on Thursday afternoons into perspective. We’ve come up with this calculation: say you have a $20M Quota, and spend 2,000 hours working a year, then each hour of your time is worth $10,000. Get out that calculator, and start crunching! You might be surprised at what you find.


  1. Add some structure. If you don’t use one already, a daily itinerary can really help you to get the most out of your day. Make sure to schedule in the things we often forget, like generating new leads, and keeping our content up-to-date. Keep track of things like how long you spend on your lunch break, or socializing with coworkers, then make adjustments and try to be more intentional about your down time.


  1. Be prepared. Try to stick to the main talking points in meetings, and on calls. If you know exactly what you’re going to say (or better yet, have it well-rehearsed), it’ll be easier for you to get through your pitch, and also keep the customer’s attention. (Remember: there’s not a single person on earth who doesn’t appreciate succinctness!)


We spend so much of our time keeping other people on-task. and on-time that we lose important sales time of our own.

  1. Stay informed. Regularly read up on the latest trends in sales tactics, and buyer behaviours (these days, information moves faster than you can even get a coffee, and you don’t want to be left out). If you make time to stay informed, you won’t be scrambling to make up for it later.


  1. Reevaluate. Do you need to update your CRM software? Is it time to reorganize your files so you can find them more easily when you need to? Should you consider enlisting more help? Take notes throughout the day, and pay attention to the areas that might need tweaking in order to improve your productivity.


  1. Delegate. Are there tasks you’re performing that another team member could do instead? Maybe someone who has a better handle on it than you do (there’s always one person with the magic touch when it comes to that pesky WiFi, and someone else who’s a super pro at spreadsheets. Find out who.).


  1. Know your strengths. Not everyone who is great at closing sales is also good at wrangling a team. Sometimes we spend so much of our time just trying to keep other people motivated, on-task, and on-time that we lose important sales time of our own. If you’re not in love with leading a team (but really need one!), consider Sales Beacon’s Sales Pass. We know how to minimize non-selling time so your eye can be on the real prize.


See–that wasn’t so overwhelming, was it? Once you wrap your mind around those little glitches that trip you up, you’ll be able to get more out of your day–and the value of your time will increase exponentially! With just a little help from us, you can keep the focus on your ultimate goal – to make more sales!