The Top 5 Problems with Sales Productivity Tools

There are tons of sales productivity tools out there, and they all promise you the world.

“We’ll help bring your costs down, we’ll give you more time for selling!. There are tons of sales productivity tools out there, and they all promise you the world.  According to ASTD, US companies spend $24B a year on Sales Productivity tools. It’s a huge market, with many different players and varying approaches to the same question - how to get your company making more sales, long-term.

Companies buy these systems, put them in place, give them “the old college try.” And then see no improvement.

So why don’t Sales Productivity tools work?

Top 5 Pitfalls of Sales Productivity tools:

  1. Too slow to get started: If you are told that a CRM can start working for you on day one, you should consider cutting ties with it right away. For an effective CRM to work properly, it needs to be carefully configured to meet the specific needs of each company’s way of doing business. By getting the customer’s expectations sky-high at the beginning of the process, CRM firms are overpromising and underdelivering.


  1. Salespeople review sales productivity toolsSales reps don’t like change: Any Sales Productivity tool is going to be met with some push-back from the people asked to use it. A seasoned salesperson has likely seen a bunch of these tools come and go during their career, usually with little impact to their bottom-line. It’s hard to blame them for thinking negatively.


  1. Long learning curve: It takes time to get staff familiar and comfortable with using a new tool. Getting all staff to “buy-in” and use any system consistently and properly isn’t going to happen right away.


  1. “Big-Brother” concerns: Salespeople often see any attempt by management to keep close tabs on their calendars and work habits as a means of micro-managing and controlling their behaviour. Until these people trust the process, they are going to feel defensive, reluctant and fearful of the change.


  1. Lacks simplicity and intuitiveness:Many Sales Productivity tools lack the basic ingredient of intuitiveness. If each time someone uses the tool, they waste valuable time searching for help to figure out what they need to do, that will lead to frustration and going back to old habits.

By being aware of these potential problems, management and staff alike will be able to avoid incorporating an inadequate tool. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why a great Sales Productivity tool will succeed and help your company reach its goals:

The Keys to Great Sales Productivity tools

Great sales productivity tools must be easy to learn. If there are endless hours of training involved no one will want to use it.

  1. It is easy to learn. This cannot be overstated. If a Sales Productivity tool is a pain to learn, you’re dead in the water. If there are endless hours of training involved, no one will want to use it.


  1. It integrates with your existing infrastructure. A worthwhile productivity tool is going to add to the systems your company already has in place. Make sure it works with your email, with your support structures, your project management programs and all sales enablement and sales operations tools.


  1. It is automated. Data entry is the bane of the existence of most sales professionals. They hate it! Make sure that the tool you choose cuts down on as much data entry as possible, which will keep your sellers on the hunt for more business.


  1. It provide insights. Sales productivity tools aren’t just clerical, they need to give you meaningful, actionable intelligence too. Knowledge about the customer’s buying process, your competition and the effectiveness of your salespeople are all within the scope of a strong, well-incorporated Sales Productivity tool.


  1. It is the product of an involved decision by your Sales Team. Your sales team should help choose what they are going to be using. They won’t feel dictated to which will breed acceptance and give a greater chance of success.

Alignment chart projects from cellphoneIf your sales productivity tool is correctly implemented, your salespeople will appreciate it. They’ll benefit by being able to prospect better, boost their productivity and be able to keep everything organized. Because of the clear tracking of sales conversations, communications, issues and wins, they’ll always know where they stand. It’s a comforting feeling, one that will allow them to focus on their main task: being productive salespeople!

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